Blackstone Valley Bicycle, Snowshoe and Canoe Tours

Blackstone Valley, Bicycle, Snowshoe and Canoe Tours – Cumberland and Lincoln, RI – Built along the Blackstone River between 1824-1828 the Blackstone Canal served as a major shipping route between Providence and Worcester before the railroad was put in. Before this the area had been used by Paleo Indians to hunt and fish for close to 12,000 years. By the 17th century the Nipmuc, Massachusett and Narragansett people were the main tribes occupying the area. The first European to settle here was Rev. William Blaxton from whom the River and Valley get their names.

2014-07-17 17.41.57Our tour covers the section between the Pratt and Ashton Dams where you can enjoy a leisurely paddle up and down the canal or use the river and canal loop trail depending on river conditions. The bike path built along the old tow path allows the tour to be done partially or completely by bicycle or snowshoe as well. Paddlers and cyclists travel through several historic mill villages, farms and woods presenting many opportunities for different recreational activities including fishing, bird watching and wildlife photography while giving you a sense of how our ancestors used to travel. Tour includes stops at the Wilbur Kelly House Museum and breakfast, lunch or dinner on the river. Tour is approximately 7 miles roundtrip and takes anywhere from 2-4 hours or more depending.

You will be expected to have your own transportation, gear and equipment including:

    • Pack/backpack/bag
    • Outdoor/seasonal/rain clothing (Including Hat)
    • Sunscreen
    • Bug Spray
    • Mess kit/bowl/cup/plate & eating utensils
    • Water bottle
    • Fishing gear/license (if planning on fishing)
    • Bicycle, helmet, canoe, kayak, pfd and snowshoes (can be rented from local outfitter)

This tour is available 365 days a year provided there isn’t an already scheduled event. Please email owner Jeff Partridge to schedule a guided tour of this unique area and fill out the registration form here.

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