Natural Tinder Sources # 2 – Dry Grass

Dry Grass - Found almost everywhere. Easy to gather and takes minimal effort to process. It's a flash tinder, so collect enough to ensure you can produce a large, hot flame. Damp material can be used but obviously the drier the better. If need be, you can dry the grass out by keeping it in … Continue reading Natural Tinder Sources # 2 – Dry Grass

Tree and Plant Identification #2 – Chaga

Journal Notes:  A fungus that is parasitic on birch and other trees, known for its medicinal properties. The sterile conk is irregular in shape and looks like burnt charcoal. This isn’t the fruiting part of the fungus but a mass of mycelium (vegetative matter). The fruiting body will usually appear after the tree is dead. It … Continue reading Tree and Plant Identification #2 – Chaga