Tree and Plant Identification #3 – Partridge Berry

Journal Notes: Partridge Berry – A type of ground vine usually found amongst leaf litter. The leaves are about 1/2 inch, evergreen, oval to heart shaped and grow opposite. The flowers are usually about 1/2 inch long and are bell shaped with four or five petals. Usually solitary the berry is bright red. The fruit is edible … Continue reading Tree and Plant Identification #3 – Partridge Berry

Woods of the Past #1 – Intro

Many people think of pre-colonial New England as an “untouched” wilderness; however the various Native American people who lived here were excellent farmers and land managers. Primary sources tell us, when the first Europeans began to arrive, they found acres upon acres of land cleared for agricultural purposes and paths through the woods, which were routinely … Continue reading Woods of the Past #1 – Intro