Tree and Plant Identification # 8 – Pine

Journal Notes: Pine – The Eastern White Pine is the symbol of New England. Pines are evergreen, coniferous trees. Young trees have a smooth bark which develops into a thick scaly bark as they mature. Depending on the type of pine they can reach anywhere between 10–260 ft in height but typically are 50-150 ft. … Continue reading Tree and Plant Identification # 8 – Pine

Tree and Plant Identification #3 – Partridge Berry

Journal Notes: Partridge Berry – A type of ground vine usually found amongst leaf litter. The leaves are about 1/2 inch, evergreen, oval to heart shaped and grow opposite. The flowers are usually about 1/2 inch long and are bell shaped with four or five petals. Usually solitary the berry is bright red. The fruit is edible … Continue reading Tree and Plant Identification #3 – Partridge Berry

Woodsman Ways – Our Approach and the Way Forward

The Woodsman School and Guide Service

Almost a decade ago we started our endeavor into Survival training, Bushcraft and the desire to teach folks Woodsman skills.  We had spent years in the out of doors to this point, be it hunting, fishing, camping and trapping to a small degree.  The Survival community at this time, though not entirely new, was relatively small.  This is when we started our research, the practicing of skills and even attended some courses from some of the top schools of the time.  Throughout our journey in making ourselves more comfortable afield, it was amazing to see how fast the community began to grow.

As we continued to grow ourselves, we started our youtube channel and began to share things we either already knew, had recently learned, and even the things that we were trying out for the first times.  This was a pleasurable time  and lots of folks started doing the same.  It was cool to see…

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