Ice Fishing and Overnighter (February 2016)

I started this post last winter before my old computer died. I’m inside working on the new computer today so I’ve finally decided to dust this document off and finish it up. Hope you enjoy! I hadn’t been up to New Hampshire to see my buddy and mentor Derek Faria since early last spring so … Continue reading Ice Fishing and Overnighter (February 2016)

Fall Foliage Camping Trip – The Willey’s – Part 1

As we drove south through the notch, heavy rain and dime sized hail were pounding the exterior of the jeep. Visibility was down to almost nothing but to my right, I could still see the historic marker where the Willey house used to stand. I remember visiting the area in my childhood and learning about … Continue reading Fall Foliage Camping Trip – The Willey’s – Part 1