Natural Tinder Sources # 2 – Dry Grass

Dry Grass - Found almost everywhere. Easy to gather and takes minimal effort to process. It's a flash tinder, so collect enough to ensure you can produce a large, hot flame. Damp material can be used but obviously the drier the better. If need be, you can dry the grass out by keeping it in … Continue reading Natural Tinder Sources # 2 – Dry Grass

Woods of the Past #3 – Ethan Allen Crawford

Image of The Rosebrook Farm courtesy of and Dartmouth College Library. Ethan Allen Crawford, known as the “Mountain Giant”, is the stuff legends are made of. He is one of my favorite woodsman for many reasons. As a young boy, he and the rest of his family, were among the first homesteaders in Crawford … Continue reading Woods of the Past #3 – Ethan Allen Crawford

Woodsman Ways – Our Approach and the Way Forward

The Woodsman School and Guide Service

Almost a decade ago we started our endeavor into Survival training, Bushcraft and the desire to teach folks Woodsman skills.  We had spent years in the out of doors to this point, be it hunting, fishing, camping and trapping to a small degree.  The Survival community at this time, though not entirely new, was relatively small.  This is when we started our research, the practicing of skills and even attended some courses from some of the top schools of the time.  Throughout our journey in making ourselves more comfortable afield, it was amazing to see how fast the community began to grow.

As we continued to grow ourselves, we started our youtube channel and began to share things we either already knew, had recently learned, and even the things that we were trying out for the first times.  This was a pleasurable time  and lots of folks started doing the same.  It was cool to see…

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A True Woods Knife

The Woodsman School and Guide Service

So I believe even just the title of this blog can and may cause some controversy, as it’s one of the most talked about topics in the Bushcraft, Survival and Woods Living communities.  But that is not my intent here.  I would just like to share a bit more on what I have come to believe (personal opinion, for what its worth) on the topic.

I can remember several years ago, in and around 2007 or so, where I was about two years deep into my research on the topic of survival.  As most of you know, it all started for me by watching Les Stroud (Survivorman) on television.  I have always been into the woods via hunting, fishing and the likes, but Les peaked my interest in survival.  And so it began…

My quest for knowledge started, and I had all I could do to get away from the computer…

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