SM-271-15-NEWDSJeff Partridge, Owner – I live in Rhode Island with my wife and two dogs. I grew up on a small lake in Massachusetts where I spent my days fishing, riding bikes and swimming with my friends. Somewhere between visits to my grandparents cottage in New Hampshire and camping with my family in Maine I developed a love for the outdoors.

After college, I moved to Providence, Rhode Island and worked in the nonprofit sector. Most recently I served as Executive Director of the Providence Zen Center until resigning my position in 2014 to pursue my passion for camping, bushcraft and survival.

From my encounters with angry bull moose to curious black bears, I’ve had many memorable experiences I want to share with you around a campfire. Over the course of my life I’ve been camping, fishing and hiking throughout region and I’m eager to share my experience and show you some of the beautiful, hidden spots that only few people know.

Certifications & Training

The Woodsman School LLC:
Advanced Survival Course – 9/21/14
Basic Survival Course – 3/14/15
Advanced Survival Course – 3/29/15
Land Navigation Course – 4/19/15
Woodsman Wisdom Ledger 1 – 11/24/16
American Red Cross:

First Aid/CPR/AED – 4/6/15