SM-271-15-NEWDSJeff Partridge, Owner – I live in Rhode Island with my wife and two dogs. I grew up on a small lake in Massachusetts where I spent my days fishing, riding bikes and swimming with my friends. Somewhere between visits to my grandparents cottage in New Hampshire and camping with my family in Maine I developed a love for the outdoors.

After college, I moved to Providence, Rhode Island and worked in the nonprofit sector. Most recently I served as Director of Providence Zen Center until 2014 when I resigned my position to pursue my passion for the outdoors.

From my encounters with angry bull moose to curious black bears, I’ve had many memorable experiences I want to share with you around a campfire. Over the course of my life I’ve been camping, fishing and hiking throughout region and I’m eager to share this experience with you.

Certifications & Training

The Woodsman School LLC:
Advanced Survival Course – 9/21/14
Basic Survival Course – 3/14/15
Advanced Survival Course – 3/29/15
Land Navigation Course – 4/19/15
Woodsman Wisdom Ledger 1 – 11/24/16
American Red Cross:

First Aid/CPR/AED – 4/6/15