Garden Services

Let us be your guides through the planning, planting, harvesting and maintenance of your home or community garden. Our services focus on low-energy practices, practical for use in community and household economies. Our permaculture gardens and/or food forests are collaborations with homeowners, organizations and local communities focused on sustainability, sustenance and the twelve permaculture principles.

What We Offer

Consulting / Management – We come to your garden, private land or community space and help with the planning, decision making process or management to help you create or maintain a productive garden and/or food forest. 

Design and Build – We help you replace part or all of an existing lawn or unused lot with productive garden or food forest space. From simple raised beds to elaborate yard transformations, we offer hands on building, landscaping and installation of no-dig gardens and food forests.


Contact us today to learn more and to begin your journey towards food security and sovereignty.