Our gardens are productive, living, outdoor classrooms designed to educate us on how to provide for our basic needs, on a small scale, close to where we live, whether that be a yard, leased land or community garden. They are simple models for growing healthy, nutritious food, that people today as well as future generations can copy and adapt to their own lives.


What is a CSA? CSA stands for community supported agriculture. A CSA directly connects people to the farm or garden their food comes from. By paying an upfront subscription fee, members share the risks and rewards of farming. In exchange they receive nutrient rich produce as well as the opportunity to connect with like minded … Continue reading CSA

Garden Services

Let us be your guides through the planning, planting, harvesting and maintenance of your home or community garden. Our services focus on low-energy practices, practical for use in community and household economies. Our permaculture gardens and/or food forests are collaborations with homeowners, organizations and local communities focused on sustainability, sustenance and the twelve permaculture principles. … Continue reading Garden Services