Natural Tinder Sources # 2 – Dry Grass

Dry Grass – Found almost everywhere. Easy to gather and takes minimal effort to process. It’s a flash tinder, so collect enough to ensure you can produce a large, hot flame. Damp material can be used but obviously the drier the better. If need be, you can dry the grass out by keeping it in your pocket for a while. Look for the dead, straw like stuff that is still standing up off the ground. The flowery fluffy spikelets which grow on top of the plant make great tinder material. (Side note: If you find yourself wading through tall grass, check yourself for ticks after.) Bend and break apart the dry grass so you create more surface area and fine particulates for the sparks to land on. Then simply twist and fold the grass into a birdsnest tinder bundle or into a manageable pile you can ignite with your ferro rod. 

Photos c/o Steve Mason Photographer

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