Tree and Plant Identification #6 – Dandelions

Journal Notes: Dandelions – A yellow flowering plant that is completely edible. The leaves are 5-25+ cm long, simple and basal. They can be entire, toothed or lobed, forming a rosette above the central taproot. The yellow flower head is open during the day but closed at night. The stem is hollow and is 1-10+ cm tall and exudes milky latex when broken. A rosette may produce several flowering stems at a time that are about 2-5 cm in diameter. To remove the bitterness, the leaves are often blanched or sautéed like spinach but can be eaten raw too. The root can be ground, roasted and used to make a caffeine free coffee like drink. They can be found from spring to fall in New England.

Dandelion found in Providence RI, late fall.

Disclaimer:  As far as we know the information provided is accurate. New England Woods LLC DOES NOT recommend any person or animal touch, taste, ingest, harvest, etc any plant material or organic matter found outdoors without receiving proper training from an expert in foraging, botany or biology, as well as consulting a health professional first. New England Woods LLC, its staff and volunteers ARE NOT experts, biologists, botanists or professional foragers. New England Woods LLC and its volunteers and staff, ARE NOT liable for any injury, allergy, or death which may result from information found on this website. This website and blog are intended to distribute general and basic information only. 

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