Tree and Plant Identification #5 – Goldenrod

Journal Notes: Goldenrod – A diverse species of yellow flowering plant also known for having medicinal properties. The plant stands about 3 ft high and has long woody stems; usually green leaves about 10 cm long and 2 cm across, with thick yellow flower clusters on top. The upper side of the leaf is usually rough while the underside will be hairy. The plant can be found in September and October growing throughout the area. The flowers are edible raw or you can dry them with the leaves for tea. The leaves can also be blanched and cooked like spinach or used in soups or stews etc. The leaves are said to relieve sore throats when chewed and the chewing the roots relieves toothaches, but I haven’t tried it so I can’t say for sure.

Disclaimer:  As far as we know the information provided is accurate. New England Woods LLC DOES NOT recommend any person or animal touch, taste, ingest, harvest, etc any plant material or organic matter found outdoors without receiving proper training from an expert in foraging, botany or biology, as well as consulting a health professional first. New England Woods LLC, its staff and volunteers ARE NOT experts, biologists, botanists or professional foragers. New England Woods LLC and its volunteers and staff, ARE NOT liable for any injury, allergy, or death which may result from information found on this website. This website and blog are intended to distribute general and basic information only. 

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