Tree and Plant Identification #3 – Partridge Berry

Journal Notes: Partridge Berry – A type of ground vine usually found amongst leaf litter. The leaves are about 1/2 inch, evergreen, oval to heart shaped and grow opposite. The flowers are usually about 1/2 inch long and are bell shaped with four or five petals. Usually solitary the berry is bright red. The fruit is edible by itself or could be added to a bread or bannock etc. The leaves can be dried and used for tea. Fruit grows from July through October and can persist through winter.

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One thought on “Tree and Plant Identification #3 – Partridge Berry

  1. Very abundant creeping ground-cover, yet often overlooked. Sometimes you have to dig through the leaf litter to find them, but that adds to the fun ;). I have found that they have a mild bubblegum-like flavour despite a dry, sometimes mealy texture.

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